Boston College, New England Patriots, and Los Angeles Kings Trainer
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Joe Caligiuri

LA Kings Director of Rehabilitation and Patriots Athletic Trainer

As a Super Bowl XXXIX winning athletic trainer and strength coach, Joe utilizes various experiences with NFL, NHL, MLB, MLL, MLS, NWSL, USA Hockey, and NCAA players to propel amateur and professional athletes to the next level. At the age of 38, Joe has amassed 16 years of professional rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance training (2 yrs. NCAA, 2 yrs. NFL, 5 yrs. NHL, 7 years Private sector) with over 1000 high school, collegiate, elite, and professional athletes. Joe is a former assistant athletic trainer for the New England Patriots and former Director of Rehabilitation for the Los Angeles Kings. Born and raised in Rutland, VT, Joe was the youngest Director of Rehabilitation in the NHL from 2006-2010 and continues to be one of the most respected injury prevention specialists in the country. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine from Castleton University in 2002, Joe has been recognized as one of Castleton’s most successful “makers, dreamers, and doers” over the last 16 years. Leaning on his Master’s Degree in Administrative Studies from Boston College, he incorporated the world of business with the science of sports medicine through the conceptualization and development of Boston’s most impressive sports performance facility. Above all, Joe created The SP Life – a culture that places great emphasis on the power of WE. Through triumphs and turmoil Joe has learned necessary lessons that will benefit every athlete at Stadium Performance. Joe owns a home in Medway, MA with his wife Colleen, puggle Oakley, and beagle Louie.